Day: 25/06/2014

Reblog: God on Mute – Pete Greig

A lesson it took me far too long to learn!

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The Big Hovercraft Monster


One of my earliest memories is being taken to see a hovercraft take off. I was about five and this was new to the Isle of Wight, where we lived. We stood on the tarmac with this big rubbery thing in front of us. Then, without any warning it exploded into life, became twice as big and began to move. The noise was deafening. My most vivid memory of this event is holding on to my Daddy’s hand. All I could think was: ‘If I hold on really tight then nothing bad can happen, he will look after me.’

Sometimes I think of this event when I am worried about something. I think: ‘If I just hold onto God really tight then nothing really bad can happen to me,’ and most of the time this is true.

God on Mute is about the times when God does not protect…

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Come Back, Return

Come back
To hopes and dreams thought shattered
To the imagined possibilities
To the plans and the purpose
He divinely ordains

Come back
To the gateway still open
To the sheepfold of safety
To a family of unity
Made one in His name

Come back
To the loving arms extending
To reconciliation’s true freedom
And gracious salvation
Offered now through faith