Month: May 2014

Thursday is Verse Day @FaithUnlocked – Luke 24:50-53 – Ascension Day

Today we remember Jesus’ ascension to Heaven.

Lifting hands bless all
Jesus ascends to Glory
Rightful seat with God

When he had led them out
to the vicinity of Bethany,
he lifted up his hands
and blessed them.
While he was blessing them,
he left them
and was taken up into heaven.
Then they worshipped him
and returned to Jerusalem
with great joy.
And they stayed continually at the temple,
praising God.

– Luke 24:50-53

Reblog: Performing A Role Or Performing A Show? Looking At The Fruit

This post answers the question posed in the first of my own posts below better than I ever could! My post contains an article link which may be of additional interest.
A Thought: Worship or Performance
A Thought: Full Worship

Worthily Magnify

1Yes, we’re all performers. 

The stay-at-home Mom performs her duties as well as she can on as little sleep as she gets. The mechanic performs his duties with the tools and training he’s gained through the years.

And the worship leader performs his or her Sunday duties on a platform of some kind, with musicians and vocalists of some kind, with training and (hopefully) practice of some kind. So, yes, worship leaders and their teams are performers, in one sense of the word.

But the word “perform” can mean two things: First, do a job. Second, put on a show. It’s the second meaning of the word that worship leaders have to avoid. We have to perform a role (which has both musical and pastoral components) focusing a congregation on Christ, without performing a show, focusing a congregation on us. It’s a fine line. And it’s a…

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We Are Called

We are called to stand out,
Not to conform;
We are called to speak out,
Not to silently stand by;
We are called to reach out,
Not introspectively retreat;

We are called to love outsiders,
We are called;
We are called to love God;
We are called;
We are called to love,
We are called.

We are called His children;
We are called;
We are called His saints,
We are called;
We are called by God;
Hear His call.

Blue Mists

I see the blue mists,
But I cannot reach . . .
Do I see?
Or do I want to see?
Could I reach,
But hold back?

I climb the mountain,
But make no progress;
Is it stretching
Away from me,
Or do I subconsciously
Hold back?

Where is the mist?
What *is* that mist?
Recoiling from my curiosity;
Curiosity fades with it . . .

The mist fades
From view;
Is the clear sky
Good News?
Or could it be
An opportunity spurned?

Is this our Church?

This is our church,
We sit over here;
This is our church,
We don’t sit with them;
This is our church,
We worship *this* way;
This is our church,
We don’t sing those songs;
This is our church,
What are *they* doing here?
This is our church.
Where has everyone gone?

This is My Church
Repent, worship Me;
Love one another,
As I have loved you;
This is My Church
Foundations, but no walls;
Shelter, but no roof;
Welcome, not rejection;
Inclusive, not exclusive;
Sanctuary, not judgement;
This is My Church.
What is it that you call ‘yours’?