Words of Life

Exercise your Chuckle Muscle

Laughter is a gift
Exercise your ‘chuckle muscle’
Else it wastes away

written in response to today’s prompt at The Daily Post, and inspired by veteran English comedian Ken Dodd

Shine Like Stars in the Sky

Become blameless, pure
‘Children of God without fault’
Amongst a warped world
Shine out like stars in the sky
Holding to the word of life

written in response today’s daily prompt at The Daily Post, and inspired by Philippians 2:14-16 (NIV)

Prayers for 13 September 2015

God our Father, thank you for giving us the means to know you, through the loving sacrifice and glorious resurrection of your Son. No ear has heard, no eye has seen a God like you, who adopts us as heirs in Your kingdom.

Though not one of us is worthy, you choose to love us, and welcome us into your presence. Lord, we welcome You in this place. Your heart breaks for us, and ours breaks at the thought of our sins in thought and word, in action and inaction. Father, forgive us we pray.

We pray for our broken world, and for those who are suffering today. We pray for those injured and bereaved by the crane catastrophe in Mecca. Lord we pray for those in Your church ministering to the Muslim community that their soul search for a Father may lead them to call on Your name and find the means to know You through the good news of Jesus.

We continue to pray for those driven to risk their lives in migration from war and persecution. Lord, give our leaders wisdom and compassion to respond, to provide sanctuary for those in need of asylum, rescue and shelter to those in peril, and aid to address the root causes that drive desperate people to the traffickers and mortal danger in search of a better life.

Lord in a year of transition for Your church in this parish and diocese, bless and guide us we pray:
– we thank you Jehovah Jireh for your continuing provision;
– as we seek new leadership in advancing Your kingdom;
– as we seek to continue to walk humbly by faith, grow in discipleship, and to always love and point others to You.

Lord bless and guide us we pray.

Lord you comfort those who mourn. We lift to you the families of all those known to us who are grieving at this time, or whose anniversaries of loss fall at this time. Hear us, Lord of life, and uphold by the grace and consolation of your Holy Spirit all those who are bereaved.

Lord, grant your healing grace to all who are sick in mind, body or spirit that they may be made whole. Grant to all who are lonely, anxious or depressed a knowledge of your will and an awareness of your presence. Grant to all who minister to those who are suffering wisdom and skill, sympathy and patience. Mend broken relationships, and restore to those in distress soundness of mind and serenity of spirit. Sustain and support those who seek your guidance and lift up all who are brought low by the trials of this life. Restore to wholeness whatever is broken by human sin, in our lives, in our nation, and in the world.

We pray for members of our church family who suffer today.

Father, hear our prayers, in Jesus’ name and for his sake

FaithUnlocked’s Friday Haiku – So Foul and Fair


Written following this week’s Haiku Challenge on RonovanWrites – “Foul and Sweet” :

Though your heart be foul
Yet let your words be so sweet
Blessing all who hear

– Ephesians 4:29

Be Mine Forever

This flash fiction short story was written on sister blog More Than Dreamt Of for Christian Flash Weekly Event #28.

More Than Dreamt Of

The following was written for Christian Flash Weekly Event #28 – please click through to see the other submissions.

God's Creation

“That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked at and our hands have touched—this we proclaim concerning the Word of life.”
– 1 John 1:1


. . . and it began. A home was born, which provided everything: warmth and comfort, food and drink, shelter and security; but though there were parts where the light shone, yet there were others where shadows were cast. The children who lived there wanted to cower in the shadows as much as bask in the light, and the home began to decay, bearing the scars of infestation and neglect.

But the Father made a promise – a new home for those who chose it: those not too proud to return his…

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Words Words Words

Lies, spite, hurtful words,
Spoken from hearts of pain –
Why would someone speak that way?
Spitting out words to hurt, and maim?

In my lifetime which words
Of life or death
Have been spoken over me?
Some good, too many bad –
My fault? Can it be?

So hard to be cared for and loved,
To find people wanting to be
Positive about the way I am . . .
But no matter:
My God’s truth has set me free.