Dark Night Rises #NaPoWriMo2017 #GloPoWriMo2017

Lies’ separation
Faintest prospects abandoned
False, dark night rises
A void enveloping hope
Collapsing minds from all sides

A time for heroes
In justice’s midnight hour
Truth shines guiding light
Dawn reveals the Morning Star
Which night attempts to disguise

I have no idea if this really addresses the Day 17 prompt from, which was to write a poetic equivalent to a nocturne – a musical composition meant to be played at night, usually for piano, and with a tender and melancholy sort of sound. Whether this contribution to Na/GloPoWriMo2017 is inspired more by faith, or storylines from the superhero genres, I’ll let you decide.Na/GloPoWriMo2017

The Powerless Enemy

Where the enemy
Brings division
Our God can reconcile
Where the enemy
Brings derision
Our God can restore
Where the enemy
Sows mistrust
Our God can reveal truth
Where the enemy
Feeds doubt
Our God can revive faith
Where the enemy
Spreads hatred
Our God can pour out love
Where the enemy
Offers only death
Our God resurrects life