Blogospheric Blessings Abound!!!

Thank You

As anyone who may have read today’s earlier posts on this blog might guess, today has not been a good day. Today has been a bad day in a bad week, in a series of bad weeks, that stretch back a long way . . .

As I began my hour-plus journey home from work on the train I was fortunate enough to get a seat, and settled down to catch up on what the blogging community has had to say today. That hour gave me such a lift as recurring themes cropped up in different posts: messages of hope and encouragement; little triggers to the imagination; possible hints at answers to searching prayers.

The links below are a selection of the pieces that spoke straight to my heart, put a smile back on my face, and made me so so grateful for the ways in which God can minister to his children through the blessing of others, regardless of timezones.

If you get time to check the links, please do, and I hope you will be as blessed as I have been today.

A Passionate Writer – ‘Dream on Dreamer’

The Darkest Fairytale – ‘Stand Tall . . .’

Daddy Blitz – ‘The Well-Worn Bone Guitar’

Real as the Streets – ‘(One Too Many)’ by Sayl

christianfictionwritersblog – ‘. . . A Hobby Can Be a Job’

Pure Glory – ‘Your Future not Dependent on the Past’

NewLifePHChurch – ‘Hanging On in Difficult Times’

PrayeWriteGrow – ‘I Know . . .’

No Greater Love for You – ‘You Are Never Too Far Gone’

Susie Stewart – ‘He Hasn’t Left’

Thank you all of the above, and thank you to God above.