Guard and Guide my Soul

Come now Spirit breeze
Blow gently through my conscience
Guard and guide my soul

written in response to the RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #141  – “Breeze” and “Blow”

Arise, Divine Muse

Arise divine muse
Firing imagination
Bring dreams and visions
Inspire all God’s children
Bring glimpses of Heaven here

written in response to today’s daily prompt at The Daily Post

Breath of Fire

written in response to a dVerse Poets Pub challenge – to write a Quadrille – 44 words – articulating a ‘breeze’

With a sudden sound
Like the baritone of an irrepressible wind
The persistent sigh of a perpetual breeze
God sang and His breath filled the place
Gifts of fire separated and came to rest
Unifying power and a unifying language
Spoken in ultimate love

– inspired by Acts 2:1-6

Holy Dragon Fire

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge

Invite the Spirit
‘Come breath of God, blow through me’
Holy dragon fire

written following prompt #95 at Ronovan Writes’ Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge – “Invite and Dragon”

Change the Atmosphere

Written following this week’s Daily Post writing challenge for Tanka poetry:

Change the atmosphere
Through Your presence and fragrance
Ruach, Breath of God
Be a wind of change today
Let your scent sweeten this world