What Some Do

Some think,
And take pride in their thoughts,
Thinking that thinking
Makes them the big ‘I am’

Some feel,
And take pleasure in experience,
Feeling that pleasure
Stands else above all

Yet some acknowledge their errors,
Worship their Creator,
Love their neighbour,
And soak in humble submission
To the King of Kings:
The ‘I Am’, above all

The Vacuum of Sinful Nature

Man is not defiled by consumption
But by being himself consumed;
Not by how he feeds his stomach
But by how he feeds and fills
His empty heart, and wandering mind
In the vacuum of sinful nature
The worst of the world flows in;
Beware mankind, for this is where
Evil shall find its footholds

Submit to Him

For Him who is able
To do immeasurably more
Than all we ask
Or ever dare imagine,
Let us soak our minds
Deep in His word,
Submit to His Spirit
To follow His direction,
Ignite in prayer
To praise and repent,
To intercede and yield,
To pray for transformation
In our minds and our lives,
To ground ourselves within
God’s love, grace and mercy,
To know He has no limits:
No thing too small,
No thing too large;
To seek Him, to hear,
To obey Him, and know
That He is God.

My Words, Your Mouths

This I promise:
My words,
In your mouths,
The mouths of your children,
And your children’s children,
To the end of time,
According to My will,
And by My Holy Spirit;
This is my covenant,
With all those who repent,
And accept My Son.

inspired by Isaiah 59:21

Mission: Discipleship

Bless one another,
Honour and serve;
Reject the enemy,
Do not give ground,
No footholds,
No surrender;
And focus
On His Spirit,
On His call:
Love God,
And the lost;
And glorify,
In every thought,
Every word,
Every action;
Be baptised,
Accept Jesus
as Saviour,
Study His word,
Live out your faith;
Pray continually,
And love;
Love again,
Because He
First Loved you.