Time to Stop Running

I celebrate 6 months of blogging today, so here again is my first ever post – a poem which means a lot to me, 10 years in the making.

Thank you to my family and prayer triplet for their support of my efforts since I began writing in earnest, and to everyone who has viewed my blog, followed, encouraged or challenged – I had no idea at the start what a wonderful community I was joining, and it is a joy to be part of what you are all doing, around the world, every day.

The last word must give all glory to God – because without Him there would be no point! May He bless you all today and every day! Amen!

Faith Unlocked

Time to stop running, take in what’s around you,
Breathe in my Spirit, fill your lungs with my breath,
Stop; close your eyes, feel My warmth in the sunlight,
Stop; clear your mind; stop, my child, stop.

Need to keep running Lord,
Too scared to stop.
Too scared to see You,
Too scared of Your call.
Too scared of what You want,
Too scared to listen;
Too scared of the hardship
Your way may mean.

Stop running scared – I have a better race for you;
Time to have courage – it is there within;
Time to be strong, stand up and be counted;
Too long have you run away; stop now, turn back.

I know it is hard my child – draw your strength from Me,
Have faith in My promises, and yield to My plans.
Trust in My wisdom; trust – do not worry,
Through you – My…

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A Pillar of Fire

Let Your church be as a pillar of fire
In the wilderness of the world
A beacon to guide the weary and lost
Find their way through the dark and the cold

Let the flame in our hearts and in our minds
Be Your fire’s radiant light for the world
Glowing warmth and hope to the weary and lost
To draw and welcome them into Your fold.

Hold on my Friend

For my friend

Hold on my friend, hold on,
To hope and mercy and faith,
To unfailing love and grace;
At your lowest, at life’s darkest,
Our Lord’s hand is upon you
And so shall it be always.

With blood on our hands
And sin in our hearts,
Yet our Saviour washes us clean;
The sacrifice made,
The victory won,
For all of eternity.

My prayers speak of you
But it’s Jesus who loves you,
Jesus who will wipe away tears,
Will heal your pain,
Will ease suffering,
Renew hope and banish all fears.

You are never alone,
No matter what the world does,
You are upheld in good friends’ prayers;
You are loved by our God,
You are a brother in Christ,
And our God will find you your way.

My Generations

My blood and timeline flows
From all corners of Our Sea,
So many generations drift
To now result in me.

What quirks of time and man
Chose my time in history?
Breaking family sinful bondage,
For a life truly set free.

A life which stepped with hope
From darkness into Light,
A life set walking strait with Him:
By faith, and not by sight.

I Turn to You

Life isn’t what I thought –
Stop the world,
Let me off.
I’ve compromised,
I’ve failed and betrayed,
Stayed silent too often,
Spoken dishonour too much . . .

So alone now;
Can’t go on.
Stop the world –
I want to get off.
Can’t take any more,
I’ve had enough.

Time to check out,
Cancel my time,
Cut these painful bonds forever.
Hang up my phone line,
Time to sleep now,
Rest forever;
Escape from it all;
Time to go now – so ‘Bye’ then,
Time to take a big fall . . .

Then I turn to You . . .
And in mercy:
You love me;
You save me,
And comfort me.

Your grace,
It welcomes me;
Your sacrifice,
It cleanses me;
Your word
Inspires me;
Your voice
Resounds through me.
O merciful, wonderful,
Comforter deliverer,
Redeemer, refiner,
Saviour almighty:
My Light of the World!

You are My Child

You are loved
My child
You are my creation
Just let my love in

You are forgiven
My child
My blood has atoned
For all of your sin

You are chosen
My child
My family
Your identity secured
Held by Me forever within

The Script of My Life

Who edited the script of my life?
Who wrote in this stuff I never intended?
How did it ever get to be so dark?
Why have I become a villain, condemned?

Then I look again . . .

. . . and a blood-red pen
Strikes through all my gravest errors;
And while the plot
May be kind, or not,
May continue to twist and turn,
I know it finishes happily:
An ancient death giving life eternally,
My soul saved with Christ’s family,
Praising my God forever in Heaven.

Why so Mysterious?

Why so mysterious?
The orphan asked the Father;
Why make it so easy
To fall far away from You?;
To give ground to the enemy,
Causing him cruel reverie,
Making footholds so easily,
Doubting You are true?

Failing so miserably,
Losing touch with my true self,
Losing sight of Your plan for me,
Losing grip on my spiritual health.
Slipping further into darkness,
Swallowed up by sin,
Suff’ring world’s worst harshness,
Withering from within.

Wand’ring without purpose,
Further from You, Father,
Further from the real me –
There has to be an end!
Can’t continue blindly,
Drifting on so aimlessly
Being wrong so weakly. . .
Time to stop. Reboot.

Life and death too serious
Not to claim You as my Father,
Not to stand up, to be seen,
Live reborn, cleansed, and new;
Not stumbling forth so wearily,
But walking tall, strong, fear-free,
Certain knowledge I am the real me,
Returned prodigal to You.