Good News

Standing on the Edge


My friend is standing on the edge
The edge of something new
He’s standing on the edge
Breath taken by the view

He’s standing on the brink
Of this life’s greatest adventure
He’s scaled the heights, no backsliding,
Feet planted firm, secured

He’s front-ranked in the vanguard
On life’s greatest battlefield
He’s marshalled, girded, armoured
Protected by faith’s shield

My friend is standing on the edge
Standing up for what is true
He’s standing on the edge
His eyes firmly fixed on You.

For C

Reblog: Life Before Death?

The Kingdom of God is near, eternal life in Christ begins after death to self – God is with us, all glory to Him!!


Eternal Life.

Think about those two words for a minute. How would you define them?

Kingdom of God.

Again, what do you those three words mean to you?

Many Christians would say that eternal life is what happens after they die. A life in heaven. And they would be right.

Many Christians would say that the Kingdom of God is where they will reside after they die. And they would be correct.

But there is so much more to eternal life in the Kingdom of God! The moment we come to trust God with our lives, placing our trust in the shed blood of Jesus, who took our sins upon Himself in the most blessed exchange ever to cleanse us and give us His righteousness, we are given the gift of eternal life. But this isn’t just life after death. He doesn’t just save us and then meet us again…

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