Man’s Balloon Always Bursts

Daedalus reached for the sky
To Icarus’s great cost
Babel’s tower built toward Heaven
Scattered mankind in chaos
Each time man’s balloon ascends,
It ultimately bursts
Yet God reaches out
Set down His Son
His life offered for ours
To finally raise us up

a quadrille (44 words) written in response to prompt #29 at the dVerse Poets’ Pub

Darkness Falls on Westminster

Pilgrims of democracy
Alight ‘twixt London’s spires,
Cameras flashing souvenir snaps;
Cursed moments pass,
Shattering the peace,
Awe displaced by shock.

A lone wolf paints terror,
No value for life;
A city loses a servant,
A family loses one they loved;
Memory will not relent,
Terror shall not prevail.

French brushstrokes of old,
Cede to current tracks of tears,
Amongst English riverflow –
Equalled in pain,
A brotherhood of suffering,
La solidarité dure

Sun’s light sets, giving way
To sorrowed mourning stars;
Yet Westminster stands defiant,
Bloodied but unbowed;
The Mother of Parliaments
Stands, testimony to the free

[sharing this with dVerse for Open Link Night]

A River Flows from the Temple

The River shall Flow Out from God’s Temple

Mark well, Son of Man –
Waters flow from the Temple
At each compass point;
Steady trickles, torrents form –
A mighty river!
Verdant banks shall be nourished,
Salt waters made fresh;
Swarms and shoals made to flourish –
Son of Man, do you yet see?

The breath of life blows
Wherever the river flows –
Fishermen, prepare!
Cast your nets, bring home the catch!
Vines and trees abide,
Bearing vibrant abundance –
Fruit of ev’ry kind:
The river’s flow brings forth life!
Do you see, the Son of Man?

written in response to the dVerse Poets’ Pun Poetics prompt – “the river”, and inspired by Ezekiel 47:1-12

Dare to Dream

Dare to dream
I dream of difference
Dare to be the difference
Dream of daring
Dream of making a difference

Dare to be different
Dream of diversity
Daring to differentiate
Declare diversity’s beauty
Daring to make a difference

I dream diverse dreams
Where is Joseph?
Where is Daniel?
Called to dream
Called to be different
To make a difference
Give me a dream today

inspired by a week in Brussels, in particular by the creativity on display in its museums and galleries, and written (too late) for OpenLinkNight #190 at dVerse ~ Poets’ Pub