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Made in God’s Image

Made in God’s image
A likeness of life’s Author
Creative by Word
Sculptor of reality
Envisions eternity

a partner piece to my earlier response to the Day 25 Na/GloPoWriMo2017 prompt at

Grey Matter

Inspired grey matter
Displays creative nature
By Divine design

written in response to today’s prompt at The Daily Post.

I’m English by the way. We spell it, “grey”.

Within my Mind #NaPoWriMo2017 #GloPoWriMo2017

All of time and space
Can exist within my mind
Unbound creativity
Untold possibility

The Day 25 Na/GloPoWriMo challenge is to write a poem that explores a small, defined space – it could be your childhood bedroom, or the box where you keep old photos. It could be the inside of a coin purse or the recesses of an umbrella stand. Any space will do – so long as it is small, definite, and meaningful to you.

Fortune and Glory . . .

More Than Dreamt Of


“It’s not the greatest line Doug – where did you say are?”

“In Madya Pradesh, India . . . stopping over in Burhanpur.”

Jay’s mind raced through his mind’s comprehensive personal encyclopaedia and atlas, and filled in his own mental jigsaw, Douglas’s own voice ghosting in from the past “Fortune and glory, Jay . . . fortune and glory.”

“On the Tapi river? You’re still on the Solomon thing? Treasure hunting, Douglas – really, isn’t that a little too Hollywood, even for you? So are you chasing the fabled Red Sea-Ophiri trade route up towards the ancient gold mines, or heading for the sites of the diamond mines near Datia? And why call me, have you found some old sandalwood or kurusha you want me to analyse for you?

“Actually, I’m just out here to see Ana . . . but what was that you just said about Solomon…

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New Year’s Resolution #3 – to make possibility become reality

This one is deliberately vague, but maybe pitched in this way it might strike a chord with some readers’ own aspirations for 2017:

to rationalise life’s resources – not stretching self nor time too thin;
to release life’s potential – making every capability and day count;
to realise hopes and dreams – turning possibility into reality . . .

(I will commit however, to keeping account as the promise of possibility is progressively realised – watch this space!)

If we were having coffee . . . 12 June 2016

[I’d also offer you a cup of tea]

It’s been a long time coming, but I am trying to apply to my blogging today an unrelated lesson I was taught a long time ago.

The lesson was at law school, in the context of putting cross-examination questions – essentially to mix up pace and topic to make the more searching and challenging questions more effective.

I have pretty much focussed on faith-related posts the whole time that Faith Unlocked has been up and running, but I wonder if revealing a more rounded human side will perhaps help people to understand where I am writing from a little better.

So here are a few facts about me, and the things that ‘make me tick’ aside from my Christian faith:

– I am from England
– I love most sports, especially football (Chelsea FC), rugby (England) and cricket (Surrey CCC), but also NFL (no favourite team)
– I am interested in: physics, natural sciences, history and geography, and politics (but not a member of any political party)
– I love comedy, fantasy, sci-fi, and thrillers
– I love cooking – the bigger the crowd the better!

So – there’s a few things you might find featuring in my posts (and certainly blog-reading and commenting habits) over the coming weeks and months, but ultimately all still for God’s glory and to love my blogging neighbours!

Dragon Wildfire #NaPoWriMo2016 #GloPoWriMo2016


Spirit the Dragon
Tasked to help the Prince’s heirs
Also called Wildfire

written following today’s prompt in the National/Global Poetry Writing Month 2016 – in this case an almanac feature on a mythical beast.

More about the adventures of Spirit/Wildfire will follow in the stories of Strong and Courageous


If we were having coffee . . .

[I’d make mine a large latte with hazelnut syrup]

My second year of blogging was a struggle – I had started a new job, taken on broader responsibilities in church, and I seemed to have no longer have either the time nor the motivation to write, or to read the writing of others (and for that I am sorry – the blogging community is a wonderfully imaginative, creative and encouragingly supportive group – a real blessing!). So 2015 saw less than a quarter of the number of posts published in 2014.

Those who know my blog posts will know that God is the inspiration and purpose of Faith Unlocked. So much of what I write is intended to honour and point to Him, that I rely heavily on the bible, prayers, worship, and preaching and teaching to prompt the content of my posts. It therefore may not be surprising that the posts drying up coincided with less time spent reading my bible, and listening to worship and teaching. I had found that ‘soaking’ myself in things of God had been the primary means of firing my imagination and letting it be directed to say the things God placed on my heart.

There were a couple of ways I could go – put the blog experience down to, well . . . experience and move on; or accept that I needed a break, and commit to come back when the time was right. Professionally I had also been taking stock to consider what realising my potential might look like, and consequently what the next steps should be. Part of the answer I believe God gave me to all my questions, was to “find my voice” again. So, now into the third year of Faith Unlocked I am trying once again, by God’s grace, with his help, and for His glory, to find the voice He has given me and to use it for the purpose to which it is directed.

I am very grateful to blogging friends who have noticed my return to writing and offered an encouraging welcome back, and also to those responsible for the several prompts and challenges which provide seeds for some of my posts. Most of all, I am grateful to my friends, family, and our great God for sustaining and supporting me more than ever. Bring it on!


Originally posted on sister blog, More Than Dreamt Of.

More Than Dreamt Of

Written in response to the prompt on FRIDAY FICTION with RONOVAN WRITES: Prompt Challenge #19 – A Celebration

Ronovan Writes Friday Fiction

. . . . and re-introducing Dr Jay Genswood.

Two separate events, eighteen months apart, have set me on my current path. The cynical academic I had been, sipping the complimentary drinks in business class on the ‘plane flying to meet my old college buddy Doug Kitchen in the Negev, would simply not recognise the man who walked out of Ana’s office in an astounded daze one and a half years later . . .

The robust wooden door before me bore the nameplate ‘Dr Ana Krino’, and as I knocked it sounded a comfortingly solid low note. I was greeted by a woman with Mediterranean looks, seemingly about my own age. She glanced at my face and an expression of superficial recognition quickly formed into a welcoming smile.

“Dr Genswood…

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