Rest and Silence

I wanted an end
To let go worldly bonds;
Had hope faded and died?
Or lame faith abandoned?
Why was there no joy
Of recognition in my life?
I wanted an end
To internalised violence;
To let discord conclude,
And let the rest be silence.

I needed to die
To self service and sin;
Retrieved hope must revive
And full faith persevere;
Joy’s welcome return
In the light of a Saviour,
Finding only in Him
Godly rhythm and cadence;
Harmony – reign once more,
And let the past be silenced.

I Turn to You

Life isn’t what I thought –
Stop the world,
Let me off.
I’ve compromised,
I’ve failed and betrayed,
Stayed silent too often,
Spoken dishonour too much . . .

So alone now;
Can’t go on.
Stop the world –
I want to get off.
Can’t take any more,
I’ve had enough.

Time to check out,
Cancel my time,
Cut these painful bonds forever.
Hang up my phone line,
Time to sleep now,
Rest forever;
Escape from it all;
Time to go now – so ‘Bye’ then,
Time to take a big fall . . .

Then I turn to You . . .
And in mercy:
You love me;
You save me,
And comfort me.

Your grace,
It welcomes me;
Your sacrifice,
It cleanses me;
Your word
Inspires me;
Your voice
Resounds through me.
O merciful, wonderful,
Comforter deliverer,
Redeemer, refiner,
Saviour almighty:
My Light of the World!

The Script of My Life

Who edited the script of my life?
Who wrote in this stuff I never intended?
How did it ever get to be so dark?
Why have I become a villain, condemned?

Then I look again . . .

. . . and a blood-red pen
Strikes through all my gravest errors;
And while the plot
May be kind, or not,
May continue to twist and turn,
I know it finishes happily:
An ancient death giving life eternally,
My soul saved with Christ’s family,
Praising my God forever in Heaven.

Faith Unlocked’s Friday Haiku #4 – Tame the Tongue

Let our tongues confess
Acknowledging sin daily –
Seeking forgiveness

Let our tongues be tamed
To build, speaking words of life –
Honours one another

Let our tongues sing praise
Pray loud, proclaim Jesus’ truth –
Brings honour to God

“With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in God’s likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers this should not be.”
James 3:9-10

A Thought: Words Matter

With a word you can protect the innocent;
With a word you can start a war.
With a word you can melt another’s heart,
Brings tears of sadness, or of joy.

Lord, let us always choose and use our words with love, compassion and responsibility.

Your Credit? Your Debt?

You are unique; there is no-one else
On this planet who is quite like you;
No-one else in all of history who can claim
To have done the things which you do.

Your achievements are all your own
All due credit for them goes to you.
Are you proud? Would you repeat them all –
Those things that I’ve seen you do?

Would you make them headline news, each
Deed attributed by name to you?
Or do you cringe, ashamed, when thinking
Of some things I’ve seen you do?

Each person’s unique, yet aren’t all guilty?
Everyone who’s ever lived, just like you?
No! There was one, still pure and innocent,
Whose death paid the debt your life leaves due.

He rose again, and lives now at God’s right hand
Speaking graciously over you,
‘Forgive then Father,’ He whispers mercif’lly,
‘For they know not what they do.’

So turn your back on your fatal sins,
Live in Christ, reborn and shining new; and
Make sure when your deeds are finally weighed,
Jesus stands by your side, absolving you.

“Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.”
Hebrews 4:13