No Magic Answers

No magic answers
Wishes won’t make it come true
Harsh realities
But prayerful intercession
Brings us all closer to God

written in response to the prompt in Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge #30 – “Wish” and “Magic”

Beatitude Blessings #NaPoWriMo2016 #GloPoWriMo2016

Blessings be upon you!
Having the spirit of the poor,
Yours is the Kingdom of Heaven;
If you mourn, you shall be comforted,
Being meek, you shall inherit the Earth;
Your righteous hunger and thirst
Shall always be filled;
Being merciful, you shall see mercy,
With a pure heart, you shall see God;
Being a peacemaker
You shall be called God’s child;
Suffering persecution for righteousness,
You shall be heirs to God in heaven.

written in response to today’s Na/GloPoWriMo2016 prompt, and inspired by Matthew 5:1-12