Thoughts about walking with God

Time for this unplanned Interlude to conclude

It’s been a while since the last post on this blog – a gap originally forced by a bout of tendonitis which made writing/typing very painful, and then prolonged by a bout of lethargy.

Posts will now resume, albeit not necessarily with the same frequency or regularity as previously for a time. I’m considering some tweaks I may make to the appearance and content of the blog for its next season, and will also try to spend some time populating a back catalogue of content, particularly in respect of some of the regular prompts provided by other sites over the past few months.

“A waiting person is a patient person. The word patience means the willingness to stay where we are and live the situation out to the full in the belief that something hidden there will manifest itself to us.”
― Henri J.M. Nouwen

Futurama Wisdom from Philip J. Fry

When you do things right
Grace makes love seem effortless
People won’t be sure
You’ve done anything at all-
Second nature takes first place

written in response to today’s prompt at The Daily Post, drawing inspiration from the ‘Godfellas’ episode of Futurama

“You can’t lose hope when it’s hopeless. You gotta hope more, then put your fingers in your ears and go, “Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah!… “
– Philip J. Fry

Chewing the Cud

Sat, ruminating;
Contemplating life’s trials –
Don’t have the stomach

written in response to today’s prompt at the Daily Post

ruminate ˈruːmɪneɪt/
1. think deeply about something.
2. (of a ruminant) chew the cud.

Articles on Church Unity

I like to think of God’s people as one church worshipping differently in many buildings, and I long for the churches in my town to co-ordinate and partner together more in serving our community.

My eye was drawn to a few recent articles published in the Evangelical Alliance magazine, Idea, which I thought it worth sharing (links below):

Should we all go to one Church? by Amaris Cole
. . . if we’re aiming for unity as evangelicals, is it a problem that we are split down denominational lines? Shouldn’t we all go to one Church?

The Protestant Reformation and the effect on unity, by David Hilborn
. . . with divergent understanding of scripture, does this merit breaking fellowship, or merely “agreeing to disagree agreeably” within the context of continuing fellowship?

Does Unity Mean Conformity, by Dr Tani Omideyi
. . . most biblical references to ‘conformity’ are negative, often warning against surrendering to worldly norms, but . . .

Called to Be

and I dreamt I had a conversation with my Father in Heaven:

“Who do you call me to be?”

“My child.”

“Where do you call me to be?

“Where you are, and where the wind takes you.”

“What do you call me to do?”

“To live authentically, to glorify your God,
showing your love for your God;

to love your neighbour:
to preach the good news of the Kingdom, and make disciples;
to release captives, and heal the sick;
to care for orphans and widows, feed the hungry,
and serve the poor and needy.”

“Lord, let it be as you say. Amen.

Invitation to a Banquet


to a banquet at my Father’s house

come if you are hungry

come if you are thirsty

there is sufficient for all

and many rooms

come as you are



Uneven Breaths

Uneven breaths,
Irregular beats;
Anxiety pangs
Tearing at my chest;
From wit’s end
To misery;
From there
To journey’s end?
Anxiety short-circuits
Mind, body; journey.

Listen to my words, Lord,
consider my lament.
Hear my cry for help,
my King and my God,
for to you I pray.

written in response to today’s prompt at The Daily Post, and concluding with verses 1-2 of Psalm 5

New Year’s Resolution #3 – to make possibility become reality

This one is deliberately vague, but maybe pitched in this way it might strike a chord with some readers’ own aspirations for 2017:

to rationalise life’s resources – not stretching self nor time too thin;
to release life’s potential – making every capability and day count;
to realise hopes and dreams – turning possibility into reality . . .

(I will commit however, to keeping account as the promise of possibility is progressively realised – watch this space!)

New Year’s Resolution #2 – to promote Fair Trade

Having taken a first step to purchase more Fair Trade products, I began to be frustrated by the limited availability of products, and the lack of promotion of a cause which will play a part in restoring justice to our world.

God willing, I hope to encourage and enable others to understand Fair Trade, and to play a small part in helping us all to consider where and who our goods come from, and to see developing world producers get a fair deal.