Meaningless as Chasing After the Wind

What do people gain
From toil under the sun?
My heart took its delight,
Found pride in my own labour;
A chasing after the wind –
This was its only reward!
Yet when I surveyed
All that my hands had achieved,
Over which I had toiled –
Everything was meaningless,
A chasing after the wind,
Nothing gained under the sun.

Generations pass,
The earth remains forever;
The days dawn and set,
The winds blow round the compass,
All streams flow into the sea –
Creation’s order prevails;
Everything God does
Originates and endures,
Through His time for all;
What is has already been,
What will be has been before –
God will call all to account.

He made everything
Beautiful for its due time;
Eternity set
By Him in the human heart;
To fathom all God has done
Is chasing after the wind!
Man’s pleasure and pride,
His own vain accomplishments
Claimed aside of God;
Advancement by man’s own works –
All are meaningless,
Just chasing after the wind!

written in response to today’s prompt at The Daily Post, and inspired by the opening chapters of the book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible’s Old Testamentthe book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible’s Old Testament

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