Day: 22/03/2017

Freely Give

You have heard it said:
As freely you have received,
So must you then give –
Acceptance of Jesus’ truth,
Followed by testimony

The Kingdom of God,
A glimpse of eternity –
Heaven has come near:
Healing, life everlasting,
Freely received, to be shared

written in response to today’s prompt at The Daily Post, and inspired by the bible verses of the gospel of Matthew 10:7-9

Darkness Falls on Westminster

Pilgrims of democracy
Alight ‘twixt London’s spires,
Cameras flashing souvenir snaps;
Cursed moments pass,
Shattering the peace,
Awe displaced by shock.

A lone wolf paints terror,
No value for life;
A city loses a servant,
A family loses one they loved;
Memory will not relent,
Terror shall not prevail.

French brushstrokes of old,
Cede to current tracks of tears,
Amongst English riverflow –
Equalled in pain,
A brotherhood of suffering,
La solidarité dure

Sun’s light sets, giving way
To sorrowed mourning stars;
Yet Westminster stands defiant,
Bloodied but unbowed;
The Mother of Parliaments
Stands, testimony to the free

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