A River Flows from the Temple

The River shall Flow Out from God’s Temple

Mark well, Son of Man –
Waters flow from the Temple
At each compass point;
Steady trickles, torrents form –
A mighty river!
Verdant banks shall be nourished,
Salt waters made fresh;
Swarms and shoals made to flourish –
Son of Man, do you yet see?

The breath of life blows
Wherever the river flows –
Fishermen, prepare!
Cast your nets, bring home the catch!
Vines and trees abide,
Bearing vibrant abundance –
Fruit of ev’ry kind:
The river’s flow brings forth life!
Do you see, the Son of Man?

written in response to the dVerse Poets’ Pun Poetics prompt – “the river”, and inspired by Ezekiel 47:1-12


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