Day: 18/03/2017

Fear Trumps Compassion

Hearts and minds grow cold –
Unrighteous controversy;
Fear trumps compassion,
Hearts and minds close rebel ranks,
Rejecting the call to serve.

God’s commands are clear:
Love the Lord, reject idols;
Humbly serve others in love;
Speak truth, and honour Jesus –
Behold, His Kingdom is near.

written in response to the prompt at The Daily Post – “controversy”

Forever Hope Springs

as springs of the great deep
one day all burst forth,
when the heavens’ floodgates
washing evil from the world;
so these same springs
brought life to the wasteland;
now forever hope springs,
eternal life beckons –
draw deep the living water
and be renewed

a quadrille (44 words) poem in response to prompt#28 at dVerse Poets’ Pub

Hatred and Abuse

Man twists Jesus’ words
Shouting from the street corners
Hatred and abuse

Jesus partnered truth with love
Conviction embraced with grace

written in response to this week’s prompt in the RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #140 – “Twist” and “Shout”, as a haiku with an optional tanka ending.