Articles on Church Unity

I like to think of God’s people as one church worshipping differently in many buildings, and I long for the churches in my town to co-ordinate and partner together more in serving our community.

My eye was drawn to a few recent articles published in the Evangelical Alliance magazine, Idea, which I thought it worth sharing (links below):

Should we all go to one Church? by Amaris Cole
. . . if we’re aiming for unity as evangelicals, is it a problem that we are split down denominational lines? Shouldn’t we all go to one Church?

The Protestant Reformation and the effect on unity, by David Hilborn
. . . with divergent understanding of scripture, does this merit breaking fellowship, or merely “agreeing to disagree agreeably” within the context of continuing fellowship?

Does Unity Mean Conformity, by Dr Tani Omideyi
. . . most biblical references to ‘conformity’ are negative, often warning against surrendering to worldly norms, but . . .

All comments welcome!

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