Day: 02/01/2017

New Year’s Resolution #2 – to promote Fair Trade

Having taken a first step to purchase more Fair Trade products, I began to be frustrated by the limited availability of products, and the lack of promotion of a cause which will play a part in restoring justice to our world.

God willing, I hope to encourage and enable others to understand Fair Trade, and to play a small part in helping us all to consider where and who our goods come from, and to see developing world producers get a fair deal.

Divine Waterspout

Vortex colours

Vortex e’er spinning
Energized water of life
Raising me upward

written in response to this week’s weekly haiku poetry prompt challenge at RonovanWrites

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge

The Blessed Interior

O to return
To the blessed interior:
The unspoilt garden,
In a redeemed, renewed Earth;
To see the King of glory
All royal justice and grace
Robed in pure righteousness
To welcome me home

To bask in the Son-kissed warmth
Of His peaceful presence
To refresh in the cool shade
Of the eternal tree of Life;
To join the saints and angels
Bursting forth in choral voice:
Singing everlasting,
Praise upon praise

written in response to today’s prompt at The Daily Post