Lushest Green

Today’s dVerse Poets Pub challenge is to write a Quadrille – 44 words – and seeing the beautiful spring season it must use the word ‘green’.

Blessed is he who trusts in the Lord,
Like a tree planted by the stream:
It does not fear when scorching heat comes,
Its leaves are always lush green;
It has no worries in a year of drought
And never fails to bear fruit.

– inspired by Jeremiah 17:7-9


  1. A small disabled
    boy by A river
    bank.. cannot
    speak.. Love
    of trees only
    talent then..
    waters tree..
    college students
    amazed by beauty
    of boy fed tree.. young
    couple find tree’s beauty
    inspiRinG Love of
    shy young
    man gRown
    to fearless
    military man
    then political
    leader of world after this..
    makes decision that saves
    the world.. so who IS A savior..
    beautiful tree.. Loving parents
    of child.. disabled little boy..
    long since pasSinG aWay
    wITh onLY
    beauty left
    of tree.. so is
    tree A savior of the
    world.. yes… Tree oF
    LiFe.. aLL must be saviors
    of the world for any hope
    aT all.. not even one grain
    of sand can be discounted
    as savior oF mounTain aS God Love
    iN Human trUth of Fearless liGht flAMe..:)

    -InspiRed by God
    noW iN diRect condUiT
    And yes.. thE tree IS All Green..:)

All comments welcome!

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