Somerset Hills

Come rain or sunshine
Rolling lush Somerset hills
Green fields bid come, rest
New Wine bids come share, be filled
Living water flows freely

dVerse Poets Pub today challenged writers to pen a poem inspired by the Southwest suggesting, “Bring lots of water and take a walk in the desert. Relax on a mesa, take in the beauty of it all or mosey on back to the ol’ days of the Wild West.”

Of course the internet is global, and not everyone’s south west is filled with sand and tumbleweed . . .

Counting the weeks to this year’s New Wine summer conference in Shepton Mallet


  1. I grew up amongst those Somerset hills – living in a caravan in the middle of an apple orchard. And, even though I now live in Africa, I had a two amazing visits to New Wine in 2011 and 2013. God gently used one of the sessions there, in spite of my reluctance to allow Him to do so, to heal much pain and to inspire me to design the cover of my book And Always God … Your post brought back happy memories of both my childhood and God’s hand on my life. Thank you.

  2. I love the US southwest, but I also love yours, especially Glastonbury and Cornwall. Thank you for the trip back.

  3. “New Wine bids come share, be filled”
    Love that line!
    hmmmm makes one think, right? What’s southwest to you may end up being a very differenty place to what’s southwest to me. It’s all in the standing 🙂

  4. Refreshing break from the drought of the desert. So true that not everyone’s “southwest” is the same. Thanks for joining in.

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