Looking Back on a Global Month of Poetry

April 2016’s National/Global Poetry Writing month challenge was . . . well just that. I am grateful for the prompts and for the nudges towards trying different forms and styles of poetry.

My personal highlights were:

The Psalmists Say, which took a line or verse from each of the first fifty Psalms, and re-combined them to form a new text.

Purple Majesty, which took its inspiration from a potato.

Triune, which saw me attempting to write in Tritina form, and eventually succeeding in two alternative ways.

Betrayal, which I hope may have connected with readers even before the biblical reference in the last line

Verbiage, which used vocabulary I may never have reason to call on ever again.

and finally . . .

Multa Paucis, which combined Latin sayings. The title means, ‘saying much in a few words’, which pretty much sums up my approach to writing poetry.

Thank you to Maureen Thorson, a poet living in Washington DC, USA, who is responsible for the Na/GloPoWriMo event.

All comments welcome!

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