Day: 03/05/2016

Somerset Hills

Come rain or sunshine
Rolling lush Somerset hills
Green fields bid come, rest
New Wine bids come share, be filled
Living water flows freely

dVerse Poets Pub today challenged writers to pen a poem inspired by the Southwest suggesting, “Bring lots of water and take a walk in the desert. Relax on a mesa, take in the beauty of it all or mosey on back to the ol’ days of the Wild West.”

Of course the internet is global, and not everyone’s south west is filled with sand and tumbleweed . . .

Counting the weeks to this year’s New Wine summer conference in Shepton Mallet

Looking Back on a Global Month of Poetry

April 2016’s National/Global Poetry Writing month challenge was . . . well just that. I am grateful for the prompts and for the nudges towards trying different forms and styles of poetry.

My personal highlights were:

The Psalmists Say, which took a line or verse from each of the first fifty Psalms, and re-combined them to form a new text.

Purple Majesty, which took its inspiration from a potato.

Triune, which saw me attempting to write in Tritina form, and eventually succeeding in two alternative ways.

Betrayal, which I hope may have connected with readers even before the biblical reference in the last line

Verbiage, which used vocabulary I may never have reason to call on ever again.

and finally . . .

Multa Paucis, which combined Latin sayings. The title means, ‘saying much in a few words’, which pretty much sums up my approach to writing poetry.

Thank you to Maureen Thorson, a poet living in Washington DC, USA, who is responsible for the Na/GloPoWriMo event.