Day: 26/04/2016

Jesus is our Lord #NaPoWriMo2016 #GloPoWriMo2016


The 26th day of the National/Global Poetry Writing Month challenge 2016. Today’s challenge is to write a poem that incorporates a call and response, as used in many sermons and hymns (and also in sea chanties!)

The joy of the Lord shall be our strength
Our joy is in the Lord
Honour the Lord for His glory and strength
Our strength is in the Lord
Honour the Lord all heavenly beings
Jesus is our Lord

Trust in the Lord to find new strength
Our trust is the Lord
The Lord our God is our hope and shield
Our hope is in the Lord
Honour the Lord everything with breath
Jesus is our Lord

. . . and I couldn’t resist this, to encourage and challenge rogues and scallywags:

Yo ho, yo ho, the Saviour’s Light for me
We worship, we wonder, we proclaim His Name
Sing up my brothers, yo ho
We witness, we humble, we follow His Word
Speak up my brothers, yo ho
Yo ho, yo ho, it’s Jesus’ Light for me



Emmaus and Damascus
Different roads
One purpose
Where men’s paths crossed
With Truth and the Way
The Way and the Life
Reborn from death
On the cross

written in response to today’s Daily Prompt at The Daily Post

Luke 24:13-35

Acts 9:3-9