Indices of Jerusalem #NaPoWriMo2016 #GloPoWriMo2016


theocracy and power struggle;
multiplicity of names; as heavenly city;
Babylonian destruction; Helllenization;
David’s conquest; divided city; earthquakes;
Herod’s rebuilding; Hezekiah’s city
Roman destruction; Roman restoration; Roman suppression; and life of Jesus;
Byzantine city; and Russian pilgrims;
Islamic city; Islamic conquest; and Israeli rule;
Mamluk conquest; and Mongol raids;
Crusader city; Crusader conquest;
Fatimid conquest; and Grand Mufti’s revolt;
Tartar conquest; Ottoman conquest; Kaiser’s visit;
Albanian conquest; and Assyrian threat; and Three Pashas;
Persian conquest; Persian rebuilding; and Turkomen conquest
Christian pilgrims; evangelists and visitors;
British conquest; British withdrawal;
security wall; situation and name; and Six Day War;
modern life; modernist city; and archaeology;

An ‘index’ poem written following today’s’s challenge



All comments welcome!

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