Triune #NaPoWriMo2016 #GloPoWriMo2016


The prompt for Day Seven of the National/Global Poetry Writing Challenge came from Gloria Gonsalves, who challenged us all to write a tritina. The tritina is a shorter cousin to the sestina, involving three, three-line stanzas, and a final concluding line. Three “end words” are used to conclude the lines of each stanza, in a set pattern of ABC, CAB, BCA, and all three end words appear together in the final line.

A once perfect world created by the Father
In the beginning beside Him – the Word, His Son
Hovering o’er the waters’ – His Holy Spirit

God’s message prophesied, inspired by the Spirit
But men went their own way, turning from the Father
For mankind’s souls’ sakes, our sins’ debts paid by the Son

Eternal life through the sacrifice of the Son
As witness to God’s power, He left the Spirit
Now prodigal loved ones welcomed by the Father

To God be all glory, Father, Son and Holy Spirit

I think I finally managed to do it, but I prefer the version below not tied to using the common words at the ends of the lines (any preference readers?)

For his pleasure the Father created the world
The Son was present with him in the beginning
His Spirit hovered over the waters’ surface

The Spirit led prophets to speak out God’s message
But men turned from the Father to go their own way
For mankind’s sake, the Son was sent to pay sins’ debt

Through the Son’s sacrifice, eternal life is ours
As witness to God’s power, His Spirit remains
The Father welcomes back his prodigal loved ones

To God be all glory, Father, Son and Holy Spirit



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