Day: 31/03/2016

He Refreshes my Soul

I lack for nothing
Laying down in green pastures
Beside still waters
The Lord refreshes my soul
And guides my way on safe paths

– Psalm 23

written is response to today’s Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Refresh

What Some Do

Some think,
And take pride in their thoughts,
Thinking that thinking
Makes them the big ‘I am’

Some feel,
And take pleasure in experience,
Feeling that pleasure
Stands else above all

Yet some acknowledge their errors,
Worship their Creator,
Love their neighbour,
And soak in humble submission
To the King of Kings:
The ‘I Am’, above all

Roots Without Water

. . . and I saw a tree sapling, vibrant and verdant; but when I blinked it was transformed into a gnarled and hollow trunk . . .

Deep roots are not enough
Unless they tap Living Water
A tree will dry and die
Standing only as a monument
To what once was before
Then decay, death and entropy
And a return to the dust
Deep roots gain nothing
Without the Water of Life

. . . better the green sapling than the hulking hollow trunk . . .

tree of life Jesus