Day: 30/03/2016

The Master’s Voice

The Master’s voice
Resounding through the ages –
Alpha and Omega

‘Your throne was established long ago;
you are from all eternity.’

Psalm 93

written is response to today’s Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Voice


Originally posted on sister blog, More Than Dreamt Of.

More Than Dreamt Of

Written in response to the prompt on FRIDAY FICTION with RONOVAN WRITES: Prompt Challenge #19 – A Celebration

Ronovan Writes Friday Fiction

. . . . and re-introducing Dr Jay Genswood.

Two separate events, eighteen months apart, have set me on my current path. The cynical academic I had been, sipping the complimentary drinks in business class on the ‘plane flying to meet my old college buddy Doug Kitchen in the Negev, would simply not recognise the man who walked out of Ana’s office in an astounded daze one and a half years later . . .

The robust wooden door before me bore the nameplate ‘Dr Ana Krino’, and as I knocked it sounded a comfortingly solid low note. I was greeted by a woman with Mediterranean looks, seemingly about my own age. She glanced at my face and an expression of superficial recognition quickly formed into a welcoming smile.

“Dr Genswood…

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