Month: February 2015

Strong & Courageous – a Prologue

Originally posted on sister site More Than Dreamt Of

More Than Dreamt Of

Strong and Courageous were brothers. Strong was very, very strong; and Courageous was the bravest dwarf in the kingdom.

But the pair had not always been brothers. When they were very young, they had each been captured by slave traders. They were rescued by a Prince, whose name was “Wonderful”. He set them free, but was so deeply wounded in the battle to save them, that by the time he had brought them to the palace of his Father, the King, he had no strength left, and he died.

The Prince’s Father was heartbroken at the loss of his son, but adopted Strong and Courageous, and so they became brothers in a new adoptive royal family.

Three days later an amazing thing happened: Prince Wonderful was miraculously brought back to life by his Father’s love. He became stronger than ever before and took his rightful place, sitting on his own…

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The Hope of All the World

He chose His Son to serve
His Beloved, who pleases Him
He put his Spirit upon Him
To proclaim justice
To all the nations
Not to fight
Nor raise His voice
Not to crush
Nor extinguish flame
But to bring just victory
And victorious justice
That His name should become
The hope of all the world

– inspired by Isaiah and Matthew

What do you read, my lord?


Written following this week’s Haiku Challenge on RonovanWrites – “Rare and Harsh” :

Kind words seem too rare
Harsh words are too plentiful
God’s Word is enough

Faith Unlocked’s Friday Haiku – Igniting Love

Written following this week’s prompt on Haiku Horizons:

God’s Word lights a spark
Igniting love in my heart –
Humbly, to serve all