Month: January 2015

We are Your Church

We are mud and straw –
In Your hands we are molded;
We are weak on our own –
In Your fire we gain strength;
We are limited by isolation,
But You place us and group us,
You bind us together
In Your perfect design.

We become a mighty structure
In Your enduring strength,
Our Chief Cornerstone;
We serve a needy world
To Your Kingdom purpose,
Our Lord and our Saviour,
Our Creator, loving Shepherd,
We serve humbly, as Your church.

In His Name

There is power in the Name,
Power in the Name of Jesus;
I will worship His Name,
Worship the Name of Jesus.

Spirit of indifference,
I name you;
Lord Jesus make me
A vessel of Your love.

Spirit of despondence,
I name you;
Lord Jesus give me
An overflow of joy

Spirit of anger,
I name you;
Lord Jesus make me
A channel of Your peace.

Spirits of anxiety and haste,
I name you;
Lord Jesus give me
Patience to wait on Your time.

Spirit of spite,
I name you;
Lord Jesus let me show
The kindness you have shown me.

Spirit of selfishness,
I name you;
Lord Jesus let evermore,
Your goodness shine in me.

Spirits of harshness, and insensitivity,
I name you;
Lord Jesus give me Your
Voice and heart of pure gentleness.

Spirit of indiscipline,
I name you;
Lord Jesus give me
Self-control to keep your Word and ways;

Jesus, freely you have given,
Freely I pray I shall receive
And by my fruits, and for your glory,
Let You be known, always.

You are Original

You are original,
Not counterfeit;
You are unique,
Not a duplicate;
You are beautiful,
So beautiful,
In your Father’s eyes;
And He has loved you,
Shall always love you,
Beyond reason,
Beyond deserving,
And beyond the end of time.

God over Man

The people of the Way
Honour God with hearts and lips
Obey only His commands
Spurn the traditions of men
For the wayward heart
Which first honours man
Bears silenced lips
Which worship in vain