Month: December 2014

Old Wisdom


Written following this week’s Haiku Challenge on RonovanWrites – “New and Old”

Receive old wisdom
As if ’twere revealed anew
Nurture timeless faith


Turn, Turn, Turn

The world keeps on turning,
Brother turning from brother,
Man turning away from God,
Turning backs on his plans.

Turning left, turning right,
Turning each their own way,
Turning every which wrong way,
And rarely turning back.

Please turn back my brothers,
Turn again dear sisters,
Turn your faces to our God,
Set your eyes back on Him.

Turn back to the Father
Through Jesus His Son,
Engage with His Spirit
Return to His loving arms.

Turn your cheeks to your enemies,
Turn darkness into light,
Turn back, counter culture,
Return to our Father’s heart.

The world keeps on turning
Turning, turning, still turning
Which way will you turn?
Before it turns out it’s . . .
Too late.

Quotes on Revival

“New Testament Christianity is not just a formal, polite, correct, and orthodox kind of faith and belief. No! What characterizes it is this element of love and passion, this pneumatic element, this life, this vigor, this abandon, this exuberance—and, as I say, it has ever characterized the life of the church in all periods of revival and of reawakening.”
― Michael L. Brown, Authentic Fire: A Response to John MacArthur’s Strange Fire

“A revival may be expected when Christians have a spirit of prayer for a revival. That is, when they pray as if their hearts were set upon it. When Christians have the spirit of prayer for a revival. When they go about groaning out their hearts desire. When they have real travail of soul.”
― Charles Grandison Finney

“It is better to wake up five hundred Christians than to convert five hundred sinners, for if five hundred Christians really wake up, they will win more than five hundred sinners.”
― Vance Havner, A Treasury of Vance Havner, Twentieth-Century Prophet, Preacher, Pilgrim

“Many ministries spend more time defending the faith than propagating it. Or they may give an inordinate amount of energy and attention to matters such as prophecy or spiritual gifts or creation and evolution. A church may become enamored with the mechanics of ministry and church organization. There are innumerable reasons that critical doctrines of grace and justification and conversion, though strongly held, are kept “on the shelf.” They are not preached and communicated in such a way that connects to people’s lives. People see the doctrines — yet they do not see them. It is possible to get an “A” grade on a doctrinal test and describe accurately the doctrines of our salvation, yet be blind to their true implications and power. In this sense, there are plenty of orthodox churches in which the gospel must be rediscovered and then brought home and applied to people’s hearts. When this happens, nominal Christians get converted, lethargic and weak Christians become empowered, and nonbelievers are attracted to the newly beautified Christian congregation.”
― Timothy Keller, Center Church: Doing Balanced, Gospel-Centered Ministry in Your City

“Only when we live, walk, behave, and have our being altogether in our spirit, not in our natural man, are we in the kingdom of God and, in reality, are the kingdom of God.”
― Witness Lee, The Holy Word for Morning Revival – Aspects of the Christian Life and Church Life Seen in the New Jerusalem

“There is need of a great revival of spiritual life, of true fervent devotion to our Lord Jesus, of entire consecration to His service. It is only in a Church in which this spirit of revival has at least begun, that there is any hope of any very radical change in the relation of the majority of our Christian people to mission work.”
― Andrew Murray, The Key to the Missionary Problem [Illustrated]

“Revival begins by Christians getting right first and then spills over into the world.”
― Charles H. Spurgeon

“again…History shows that revival begins with the Christians being brought to their knees. It is a flood of deep conviction, purging and repentance aimed at “cleaning out” the church and restoring her to New Testament purity and power.”
― Andrew Strom, KUNDALINI WARNING – Are False Spirits Invading the Church?

FaithUnlocked’s Friday Haiku – Innocence Restored


Written following this week’s Haiku Challenge on RonovanWrites – “Innocence and Life”

Resurrection life
Jesus’ vict’ry over death
Innocence restored


‘Christmas Day’ by John Keble

What sudden blaze of song
Spreads o’er th’ expanse of Heaven?
In waves of light it thrills along,
Th’ angelic signal given –
“Glory to God!” from yonder central fire
Flows out the echoing lay beyond the starry choir;

Like circles widening round
Upon a clear blue river,
Orb after orb, the wondrous sound
Is echoed on for ever:
“Glory to God on high, on earth be peace,
And love towards men of love–salvation and release.”

Yet stay, before thou dare
To join that festal throng;
Listen and mark what gentle air
First stirred the tide of song;
‘Tis not, “the Saviour born in David’s home,
To Whom for power and health obedient worlds should come:” –

‘Tis not, “the Christ the Lord:”
With fixed adoring look
The choir of Angels caught the word,
Nor yet their silence broke:
But when they heard the sign where Christ should be,
In sudden light they shone and heavenly harmony.

Wrapped in His swaddling bands,
And in His manger laid,
The Hope and Glory of all lands
Is come to the world’s aid:
No peaceful home upon his cradle smiled,
Guests rudely went and came, where slept the royal Child.

But where Thou dwellest, Lord,
No other thought should be,
Once duly welcomed and adored,
How should I part with Thee?
Bethlehem must lose Thee soon, but Thou wilt grace
The single heart to be Thy sure abiding-place.

Thee, on the bosom laid
Of a pure virgin mind,
In quiet ever, and in shade,
Shepherd and sage may find;
They, who have bowed untaught to Nature’s sway,
And they, who follow Truth along her star-paved way.

The pastoral spirits first
Approach Thee, Babe divine,
For they in lowly thoughts are nursed,
Meet for Thy lowly shrine:
Sooner than they should miss where Thou dost dwell,
Angels from Heaven will stoop to guide them to Thy cell.

Still, as the day comes round
For Thee to be revealed,
By wakeful shepherds Thou art found,
Abiding in the field.
All through the wintry heaven and chill night air,
In music and in light Thou dawnest on their prayer.

O faint not ye for fear –
What though your wandering sheep,
Reckless of what they see and hear,
Lie lost in wilful sleep?
High Heaven in mercy to your sad annoy
Still greets you with glad tidings of immortal joy.

Think on th’ eternal home,
The Saviour left for you;
Think on the Lord most holy, come
To dwell with hearts untrue:
So shall ye tread untired His pastoral ways,
And in the darkness sing your carol of high praise.