I thank my Lord, with all my heart;
And tell all of His wonderful deeds.
I am glad and rejoice in Him
For He is the Most High
And most worthy of praise.
My Lord reigns forever;
And I thank Him with all my heart.

He has upheld my cause,
Established his throne for judgement;
He rules the world in righteousness
And judges the people with equity;
He will rebuke the nations,
And destroy the wicked,
Blotting out their names for ever and ever,
And I thank my Lord, with all my heart.

The Lord is a refuge for His children when oppressed,
A stronghold in times of trouble;
Those who know His Name, trust in Him,
And He never forsakes those who seek Him;
The wicked are weakened
By the work of their own hands;
But God will never forget those who seek Him,
The hope of the afflicted will never be extinguished;
And I thank my Lord, always, with all my heart.

– inspired by Psalm 91


  1. How interesting that you would use Ps 91–it’s been on my mind/heart a lot this week, as Joseph Prince has been teaching on it. God bless you abundantly!

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