The Secret Place

He who dwells in that mysterious place,
The most secret place of the Most High,
He shall be cared for, protected and shielded,
Beneath the shadow of the Almighty.
When you pray, go into your room;
When you have shut your door,
Pray to God your Father
Who is within that secret place.
If you love His Son,
You will keep His words;
And the Father will know you and love you;
And they shall come to you:
Father, Son and Spirit;
They shall make a home with you,
For the Spirit of truth has come.
You may know Him,
For He dwells with you,
And He will remain within you
In that secret place.

“I have been led to an inner place where I had not been before. It is the place within me where God has chosen to dwell. It is the place where I am held safe in the embrace of an all-loving Father who calls me by name…..It is the place where I can taste the joy and peace that are not of this world.”
– Henri M. J. Nouwen


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