The Word

That which was,
Was from the beginning,
Who was The Word,
And was with God;
The Word we have heard,
The Word God has spoken;
The Word we have seen,
With our hands, we have touched;
With God in the beginning,
The Word of God living;
The first Word of Life,
Breathed upon the world,
So that we may proclaim:
We have seen, we can testify
To an eternal life given,
Spoken into our being;
The Word personified,
The Word incarnate
The Word roared in a whisper,
Life spoken, cried out.

One comment

  1. It is interesting that Moses was told to tell the pharoh that I AM sent him and then Jesus told the men to tell the priests I AM healed them. That shoots down certain cults that suggest Jesus was not around before His earthly birth

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