Who Let me Down?

The world lets me down:
I should not be surprised.
My brother lets me down
No longer looks into my eyes.

But what more should I expect
From our fallen sinful world?
We have all let our Father down:
Every man, woman, boy and girl.

I have let my Creator down –
Wasted everything I’ve got:
My time, my money, gifts and love;
My purpose in life? I forgot.

Who failed first? My brother or I?
Irrelevant – we’re both in sin.
What matters more is that not fail God
In telling my brother of Him.

Telling of His love, His son, born and died,
That we, unworthy mankind, might live;
A princely servant humbled, scourged, marked and killed,
The greatest gift which our God could give.

A cloak of righteousness to cover our sins,
In robes of perfect majesty
Who let me down? Not the world, nor my brother –
Who let me down? Only me.


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