Day: 26/09/2014

Your Harbour Lights

Faith Unlocked

Your harbour lights
Shine to light my way home,
Sailing to sure haven,
Sheltered safe from the storm;
Guiding true strait path,
Avoiding hidden danger,
Finding safe passage
Until I reach home.

Your harbour lights,
Shining beacon of hope,
Piercing dull evening
Cloaking over my boat.
Lighting Your gracious path,
Set out by my Saviour,
Assuring safe passage,
And carrying me home.

Your harbour lights
Mark family and a fireside,
Warmth and security,
Sitting there by my God’s side,
Preparing next voyage,
Planning our journey,
Back out to the wild seas,
To battle Earth’s raging tides.

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Faith Unlocked’s Friday Haiku #36 – Rebuild the Temple

Rebuild the Temple
Not with gold or coercion –
But the Word of God