“Your heart will take you places your head can never go”

This is the fourth of a series of posts on summarised Lessons from New Wine – United 2014. @ChristyWimber, Senior Pastor of Yorba Linda Vineyard spoke on this topic in Week 1.

* * * * * * *

Where the Enemy tries to divide, God’s purpose is to unite. Praying to love more each day leads to unity. Loving individuals leads to a loving church. Love underpins unity. Jesus’s love for us should naturally lead to our love for others, leading to the church’s love for the world.

Loving Jesus first, living in that place – everything in the kingdom stems from how we receive God and from God: salvation, faith, healing – these are all gifts we need to learn to receive.

The toughest thing for many people is to love themselves, and to accept that they themselves are loved.

The greatest anointing of the church, the greatest of its riches, is love. If you don’t have love, any other gifts mean nothing. It’s not about what we know – we can know plenty of the wrong things. It is about love, and never getting over our encounters with God.

Unity stems from the community of Jesus – we are one body. Jesus unites us for a purpose as a community of unity and diversity. “Unity” does not mean “agreement”; unity means choosing love and grace, a “commitment to other” which is bigger than simply understanding our differences.

How did Jesus reach the broken, bitter, the hardened? He loved them anyway. There is power together with all of the saints when love is present. Where love is, there is overflow of blessing.

Your heart can lead you to people you would never dream of. Be vulnerable to where God wants you to go, love the differences, rooted and grounded in love.



  1. Thank you for sharing this! I am so liking the part about never getting over our encounters with God! God bless you as He loves on you today!

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