Day: 08/09/2014

Time to Leave

Written for last week’s Flash Friday challenge, with prompts of the image shown, to include a baby, and extra credit for a character called ‘Stella’! Lots of fun to do if you can find the time to write 150 words on a Friday!

More Than Dreamt Of

Written for this week’s Flash Friday challenge.

St Kilda, Scotland. CC photo by Neil Wilkie St Kilda, Scotland. CC photo by Neil Wilkie

Time to Leave

“It’s time.” whispered Rob.

Time. After hundreds of years, and generations of my family living in the same croft, climbing the same hills and cliffs . . . now was time for us to leave. My Ella would be the last baby born on this island. My kind-hearted, innocent, bonny wee St Ella of St Kilda would not know her home.

Daddy always told me as we walked to the church meeting house each Sunday morning that we were caretakers of the island: “God gi’ us this land t’ mind. We tek care o’ the land f’r Him, and the land will tek care o’ us.”

We hadn’t taken care of it. We killed the land when we changed the way we farmed, and now it would no longer sustain us.

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True Vine’s Branches

Written in response to this week’s Haiku Horizons prompt of ‘branch’:

At the Master’s hand
The True Vine’s branches are pruned –
Good fruit will flourish