Reblog: $100 of Lunches

I love it when stuff like this happens: one person’s Random Act of Kindness rippling out, and out, and out . . .

‘Magnificent Kindness’ – Sam Bailey

When I posted yesterday and offered free lunch for people by putting $100 on a Subway card, I had no idea what people would do with it.

You can view yesterday’s post here.

The balance dropped as I watched the transactions online, people around the country getting free subway, it was so exciting to watch!

And then, one guy, walked into subway waihi, and as well as enjoying a sub, decided to top up the card by another $100!!

People kept doing this! In fact, over $230 got topped up, meaning over $330 of subway being available for people for free!

It was an amazing day and I’m so grateful. If you have any doubt, friends believe me today; people, are awesome!

Here’s some of the messages I received yesterday, and a few of many more stories I heard.

Thanks so much for getting involved!

‘There was a very…

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