Reblog: There is no Secret Ingredient

A great post – spiritual growth of the people IS church growth, and will naturally lead to lives of worship and evangelistic mission and ministry.

New Beginnings

wpid-Photo-Aug-15-2014-912-AM.jpgI recalled these familiar words from Kung Fu Panda as I was touring the facility of a church pastored by a colleague in a different state than mine. The congregation is disbanding, selling their property to a mega church seeking to set up a satellite campus in the same neighborhood. The facility is beautiful. It was completed less than 10 years ago and has all the trappings of an attractive (and therefore, we believe, successful) church. The sanctuary is ample and lovely. It has carpet and sound absorbers for the contemporary band but it doesn’t look like a warehouse church. The architecture and the large celtic cross are enough to make the traditional folks feel at home. It has two projection screens, a large sound booth, and a hip looking table full of candles for people to light in prayer.

In the lobby is a fully loaded coffee bar, able…

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