Day: 01/09/2014

The Light Shall Not Die

My submission for RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge #8 :

The Light shall not die
Though the world rage against His
Flammable Spirit

‘Adoration’ – Brenton Brown

With a great devotional and witness introduction!

We bow our hearts
We lift our hands
We turn our eyes
To you again
And we surrender
To the truth
That all we need
Is found in you
Receive our adoration
Jesus, Lamb of God

In All That I Do

What I was
I am no more
What I am now
Exists in You
And is Yours
To command
In all that I do

I am renewed
I am restored
I am reconciled to You
By Your grace
And Your mercy
I return to You

I live at Your pleasure
To follow You
To love my brother
And serve my sister
To worship my God
In all that I do