The River

River Banks

Written following this week’s Daily Post Writing Challenge.

In my dreams, I envision a place
With lush green, steep banks
And the soothing sound of the flow
Of a river

On those banks I see
A great number of trees,
Standing tall to each side
Of the river

The water runs East,
Unerringly to the sea, where
Salt water meets the sweet
Of the river

Fish begin to thrive
Where sweet refreshes salt,
The seas teaming with life
From the river

Fishermen gather there
Casting nets, landing catch,
Bringing in to take home
Back up river

The trees of the banks
Bear fruit of every kind,
To strengthen and nourish;
Their leaves ever green,
To shield and to heal;
Their roots firm and deep,
To secure their foundation;
All fed by the living water,
From the river.

– inspired by Ezekiel 47:6-12


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