Day: 26/08/2014

The Game Before the Game

“Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you”
Joshua 3:5

This is the second in a series of posts on summarised Lessons from New Wine – United 2014. @kenjcosta spoke on the verse above in Week 1 of the conference.

* * * * * * *

What the world needs, we have – “Remember Jesus Christ raised from the dead“.

There is a season coming when God will move in power. We must prepare; we must consecrate ourselves – where God plans, God prepares. Before we take the game to the world, we must play the game which comes before – we must believe, and prepare.

A440, which has a frequency of 440 Hz, is the musical note A above middle C and serves as a general tuning standard for musical pitch. Jesus is our ‘A440′ who resonates the purest pitch which we must follow, lifting him high as the Light of the World to banish confusion.

AAA, stands for Access All Areas, and if we allow the Father, Son and Spirit into all areas of our lives, He will power our ministry into all areas of the world.

Acting in Jesus’ Authority, an authority conferred in special favour by God, we accept His anointing – customized to the responsibilities to which God calls us; not to be held back, but to do a new thing in His name and for His glory, for a missional purpose – to be sent, not left searching.

Anointing precedes preparation; preparation for appointment; appointment to take action. David, anointed with pure oil and dedicated to God, went back to the sheep for 20 years before becoming King: pastoral preparation prior to leadership.

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Consecrate Yourselves