Day: 15/08/2014

Faith Unlocked’s Friday Haiku #30 – It is Accomplished

By the grace of God,
Jesus’ sacrifice for us –
It is accomplished

Death is defeated,
The sins of men forgiven –
Righteousness restored

Salvation through faith,
To a life everlasting –
Eternal worship


This is a short story I wrote last weekend, which I have posted on a new sister blog, “More Than Dreamt Of”, which I plan to use for fiction. Hope you enjoy!

More Than Dreamt Of

The following was my entry in Christian Flash Weekly Event #19 – please click through to see the winning, and other submissions.

The militia came to our city three days ago. Today, they came to my home. They came for me, in my family’s home. My name is Daud.

Our church was destroyed on the first day: burned, in ‘holy’ fire. We prayed at home, my family and I; we prayed for protection, for the Comforter to come. We prayed, and we trembled.

Today they came to my home. My family was dragged to our bathroom, and locked in.

I was taken to the kitchen, where I saw our table raised up at one end. I was taken to the raised end and made to lie back. My arms were tied to the legs at the other end, and my own legs bound.

“You choose to live in this ‘Christian’…

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