No Pain Nor Suffering

There will be no pain,
Nor suffering;
No sorrow,
Nor regret;
Time shall have no meaning,
When we arrive together
In glory;
No memories of the past,
No worries of the future;
Basking in the presence of God.
Father, Son, and Spirit.



  1. I don’t know about the no memory bit… I think our past will be superfluous and healed but I think we retain a sense of identity and I would have thought memory was part of that. When I think of the verse about the great cloud of witnesses I always have the mental image of those who have gone before us urging us on to new and greater things in God

    1. Thanks Michelle, it was the line I gave most thought. It came from the sense of regret, loss, and sorrow we might feel remembering loved ones who are missing from heaven – with those feelings having no place there, I felt those memories would be gone. I hadn’t thought of the ‘cloud of witnesses’ in that way, more as witnesses during their lives of the value of faith, so thank you for a fresh perspective. God bless you, and thanks as always for visiting!

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