Day: 23/07/2014

Be Strong and Courageous

Be bold,
Be courageous,
Behold your God;
Be careful
To keep the Law,
Which Jesus fulfilled,
Which hangs on these:
Love your God
Heart, soul, and mind;
Love your neighbour
As yourself;
Then you will
Be prosperous,
Be successful;
Your God commands:
Be strong,
Be courageous;
Do not be afraid,
Do not be discouraged;
For the Lord your God
Will be with you
Wherever you go.

inspired by Joshua 1

More Than

More than I know I can be,
More than I dare to believe,
More than is humanly possible,
Because I am in You;
In You,
We are more,
More than conquerors,
More than sinners
Saved by grace,
We are chosen,
We are adopted,
Beloved heirs
Living in Your kingdom.