A Church for Every Day

A church which fasts and prays
A church worshipping every day
A church with windows
To look, searching out
A church with open doors
To welcome the lost
A church which serves
In humble humility
A church with a sense
Of local community
A church which stands
In awe of God’s word,
A church which declares,
“Jesus is Lord!”
A church which bears
Many fruits and gifts
A church which moves
Where the Spirit sits,
A church which meets
In many buildings
And in none
A church which worships
To many tunes,
In many tongues;
A church which always
Shows the Way,
Speaks Truth,
Preaches Life;
A loyal servant Body,
For our time here on earth,
A church which strives
To be one our God is worth



  1. This is an amazing poem. I can picture all of this in my head. I felt like I was at Church just by reading this. I love how it rhymes also.

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