Day: 14/07/2014

‘When the Saviour Came My Way’

You ask me why I love the Lord.
Well, friend, just let me say
Life was not worth living
‘Til the Saviour came my way.

You say I lose so much in life.
Yes, friend, PRAISE GOD, I do.
I lose the sin and sorrow
Which was all I ever knew.

I lose the days spent seeking joy,
The long nights full of tears;
I lose the heavy burdens,
Which I carried through the years.

But friend, I would not have them back
For all that you could pay.
My life was not worth living
‘Till the Saviour came my way.
— Author unknown

Quatorze Juillet

Happy Bastille Day!

My humble contribution to the celebrations is a poem, anglicised and heavily adapted from the French National Anthem, ‘La Marseillaise‘:

Lift your hearts children of the Father,
The King of Glory is alive;
Against the forces of the enemy,
Christ’s victory banner has been raised;
Sing with choirs worshipping our God,
The voices of His angelic host;
The Spirit lives each day in our midst
To point our hearts to the Prince of Peace;
Arise people of God!
Go out, declare His truth!
March on, march on,
Honour the blood
Of the Saviour of the world!