Augustine and the Sea Shell

St Augustine of Hippo spent over 30 years working on his treatise De Trinitate [about the Holy Trinity], endeavouring to conceive an intelligible explanation for the mystery of the Trinity.

He was walking by the seashore one day contemplating and trying to understand the mystery of the Holy Trinity when he saw a small boy running back and forth from the water to a spot on the seashore. The boy was using a sea shell to carry the water from the ocean and place it into a small hole in the sand.

Augustine approached him and asked, “My boy, what are doing?”

“I am trying to bring all the sea into this hole,” the boy replied with a sweet smile.

“But that is impossible, my dear child, the hole cannot contain all that water” said Augustine.

The boy paused in his work, stood up, looked into the eyes of the Saint, and replied, “It is no more impossible than what you are trying to do – comprehend the immensity of the mystery of the Holy Trinity with your small intelligence.”

Augustine was absorbed by such a keen response from that child, and turned his eyes from him for a short while. When he glanced down to ask him something else, the boy had vanished.

Some have said that it was an angel sent by God to teach Augustine a lesson on pride in learning. Through this story, the sea shell has become a symbol of St Augustine and the study of theology.


  1. Amazing…thanks for sharing this story of Augustine’s quest to explain the trinity of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit…I am reminded in reading it of the words of the Psalmist…”Be still, and know that I am God…”

  2. What a great lesson for all of us. There are so many concepts in the Bible that we simply cannot wrap our minds around – we simply must accept them by faith because they are God’s Word and His Word is truth. Thank you!

  3. I liked this story so much.
    Paul prayed for us that the Father would send us the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him so that we could know:
    **the hope of His calling,
    **the riches of glory in His inheritance in the saints, and,
    **the surpassing greatness of His power toward us who believe.
    For us to “get it”, the Father has to send us the spirit of wisdom and revelation. He that believeth will not make haste.

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